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Membership 411

Bent Tree North has an active voluntary Homeowners association with over 70% of residents as members of the HOA.
The HOA board is focused on the following main areas:
• Enhancing Neighborhood Security that includes dedicated Dallas Police patrols
• Maintaining the Neighborhood and Entrance Landscaping
• Neighborhood Social Activity Program
• Vendor Alliance Program where members can get discounts
The HOA has a meeting the second Tuesday of each month at the Holy Communion Church, which is located off Muirfield Drive in the center of the neighborhood.  HOA members are welcome to attend this meeting at 8:00 pm and are welcome to bring any issues they wish to the attention of the Board.
The HOA fiscal year runs from June 1st to May 31st and yearly dues are $350 per year.
We encourage all homeowners to join and, whenever possible, make an extra contribution to support the Neighborhood Security and Landscaping.
Homeowners have two options for joining:
• Paying directly via PayPal
- OR -

• Downloading the Membership Form below and mailing their check to
P.O. Box 702521
Dallas, TX 75370-2521
If you have any membership questions, please do not hesitate to contact Janelle Rawlston via email.
Membership Form (Word doc)


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