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Why Join a Voluntary HOA???
Posted on Aug 3rd, 2014

The question always comes up as to what do you get in return for sending us your money as this is a voluntary association and dues are not mandatory.
Last spring The Dallas Morning News ran a series of articles about the "best" neighborhoods. Each week for 10 weeks they covered a different aspect such as "best schools" or "best for families" or "safest neighborhoods". You get the idea. At the end they ran an article called "Best Overall." We won! They wrote a very complementary article about us in the May 17, 2013 edition.  Why
did we win? We think it is because you believe in this neighborhood and trust us with your money.
In this issue of the newsletter you will see our proposed budget for this fiscal year, which began June 1st. We do this so you can see how we spend your money. Our number one expense is security followed by maintenance. There are lots of other lesser expenses such as this newsletters, utilities and general and administrative which, all together, amount to just over $125,000.
If you have questions about the budget or just wish to make a comment, please send us an e- mail. Please also send us your money so we can continue to make this the best place to live in Dallas.


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